Midlands Ghost Chasers

We investigate what most people fear, Ghost.
Where research and investigating is taken serious.

 Do you get that feeling your not alone when you are? Do you experience cold spots that run chills through your body? Do you experience things you can't explain? Do you see things move out of the corner of your eyes? Do you have strange smells come and go? Do your pets react to things you can't see? We can help, we take each case confidential and knowing that no one case is the same as the next. We understand that each investigation is unique in it's own way.

Midlands Ghost Chasers  (MGC) is a non profit paranormal group formed by Joe Nelson and Will Darnell. When they founded the group in 2010 they made it a passion to help individuals understand what the ghost side of the paranormal, and If a residential or commercial location is possibly haunted.


     8 years later MGC still holds the same passion, except now as a larger group  MGC has multiple investigators with 30 years combined experience with the paranormal. We investigate  residential, commercial, and historical locations in and out of the state.  We are not thrill seekers, we are a Christian, family oriented, professional group. Our mission is, to help people understand what is beyond what the eye can see.  

Need help? Want Help? look no further, Midlands Ghost Chasers is here to help you. 

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